Focus On The Smells In Your Life

Wine and life have a lot in common! They both have a “Blind Spot.”

That blind spot is where flavors easily get over-looked.

Flavors that have always been there, but maybe things have just gotten so busy that you haven’t had time to notice them.

When is the last time you took in a good whiff of your wine before drinking it?

Below we show how slowing down a bit can help you to experience hidden flavors that have been right there under your nose.

What’s In Your Blind Spot?

Once you start on a new glass of wine, the window of opportunity to taste different flavors is limited to the amount of time you decide to keep the wine in your mouth.

That’s why it’s important to prepare for what you are about to taste.  Since the mouth and nose use the same airway, you have the ability to “taste” your wine through your sense of smell, first!

Prepping your brain for what you are about to taste ahead of time gives you time to discover hidden flavors, before the wine even hits your actual taste buds.

These hidden flavors are oftentimes missed due to the haste of diving right in. But slow down and take your time, because they are all apart of a greater wine experience!

Be present!

There are a lot of things fighting for your attention daily.  To the point where we wake up checking our smartphone to see what we missed since the last time we were awake.

You’ll recognize some awesome things if you just take some time to smell what is in your glass.

Swirl your wine and then smell it!

After swirling your wine around a bit, go ahead and stick your nose deep into that glass.  Not too deep to where you’ll inhale the wine when you breathe in, but get in there as close as you can!

Now close your eyes so that you can focus.  That extra focus will help you to distinguish more aromas that are coming from your glass.


Take in a DEEP breath!  And take another… And even take in a third!

Call out whatever scents you are recognizing.  Seriously, call out whatever comes to mind!

There are no wrong answers — because your personal experiences in life are based on things you’ve personally smelled in the past.  So what you smell in that wine may very well differ from what other people smell.

Now that you’ve identified these different aromas, it’s time to taste your wine!  Be ready to discover flavors this time that you may not have experienced before.

Tastes pretty good, right?

Take some time to identify your blinds spots. In life and with your wine.

– Cheers

Dave Fider