Here’s Why You Don’t Know More About Wine

Let’s be honest. As humans, it’s easy to gravitate towards what we know. Trying new things is scary, hard, and even risky at times. But without changing our mindset and stepping out of our comfort zone, it’s hard to learn, discover or grow. And that inhibition often causes people not to explore the wonders of wine.

There is no denying the world of wine can be fascinating. But it can also be intimidating, complex, and daunting. So often, people miss out on the beauty of how deep the wine universe can go due to not knowing where to start. Fear kicks in, and the idea of uncovering wine becomes stressful or humiliating. Or, for worse, you might even consider wine out of your reach because you either have to be rich or pretentious to enjoy it. But guess what? Great wine is within your reach. Wojabi’s founder, Dave Fider himself, related to this experience, becoming one of the reasons he founded Wojabi.

Just because your wine knowledge is limited right now doesn’t mean you are not worthy of learning and enjoying a good bottle. In most cases, it’s all about your preconceived ideas limiting your wine experience.

Many people believe you have to be a wine expert to engage in wine conversations, which is not the case. No one is born knowing everything about wine. It all starts with your decision to put yourself out there and become curious. You have to begin somewhere. You have to let go of what’s holding you back and be open to walking into the unknown. Because learning about wine is fun.

The good thing is that you are not alone in this. At some point, we’ve all walked down the wine aisle at a grocery store and selected a bottle purely based on the label’s look. Or, we’ve looked at the wine list at a restaurant, acting like we know what we are ordering to just choose basically by price. It has happened to the best of us. That’s why the goal is to overcome fear and not be afraid to indulge in the pleasure of wine.

Why miss out?

And that’s where our wine community can help.

Community drives us

At Wojabi, we remove the intimidating factor and focus on learning and exploring wine as a community in a fun and exciting setting. We strive to connect all wine lovers, bridging the gap that keeps us apart and concentrating on what we all have in common— our love for wine.

That’s why give yourself permission to push away from that worry. And join our bi-weekly Zoom calls to learn about wine in a language that’s easy to understand—no fancy wine jargon, just simple words.

Our wine education becomes a vehicle for us to explore the world, our surroundings, and even ourselves. Because it’s safe to assume that the older we get, the easier it is to stay in our comfort zone. And although it starts with a personal decision, we are also here to break away from what’s stopping you. When our community gathers around, it’s a moment of discovery, knowledge, and connection, aiming to create a deeper appreciation for wine.

Most companies simply send you wine with some reading materials, leaving you to drink the wine and figuring everything out on your own. Not us. We make sure you understand the hand-picked wine selections and the world of wine in general. We guide you through the process, which we love doing. It is much of your journey as it is ours.

Along with the curated wines, you receive tasting cards with QR codes, showing you a video of our experts detailing everything you need to know about that particular wine selection. The best part? Once you are a part of the community, you can ask our experts questions any time you’d like, making us accessible.

Look at us as the gateway for newbies, opening up to a whole new wine adventure and helping you remove self-imposed barriers. Because once you do, more opportunities open up for you. And in this case, an entirely new wine journey becomes accessible to you.

Are you ready?