We simplify wine for you

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Wine Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Wojabi Makes It EASY!

Quality & Convenience

Wojabi Experts taste wines sourced from around the world and send the best right to you at home!

Expand & Explore

Receive a new wine varietal each month to keep you experiencing something new.

Food & Wine Pairing

Inside your box are QR Codes. Use your smartphone to scan them to watch Wojabi Experts explain which foods pair perfectly with your wine.

Ask Wojabi

Chat with certified Wine Sommelier’s who are ready to answer any of your wine questions at anytime.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


I love being a part of the community here, and being able to experience new wines with everyone each month! And I LOVE that the wine comes right to me at home!"

Jefferson City, MO

I used to be THAT guy in the store staring at wines, before finally just picking whichever wine had the best looking label. Glad those days are over LOL"

Dallas, TX

Because of you guys, we are known as "The girls who always have good wine"..haha"

Trish & Amy
Atlanta, GA

Justin and I had lemon pepper chicken for dinner and used the the wine tasting notes that you send with the wines and OMG! It REALLY brought out the taste!"

Greenville, SC

I get excited whenever I see the package at my door! Wondering what kind of wines Wojabi has in store for me this month!"

Columbus, OH