We simplify wine for you

Wine Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Wojabi Makes It EASY!

Quality & Convenience

Wojabi Experts taste wines sourced from around the world and send the best right to you at home!

Expand & Explore

Receive a new wine varietal each month to keep you experiencing something new.

Food & Wine Pairing

Inside your box are QR Codes. Use your smartphone to scan them to watch Wojabi Experts explain which foods pair perfectly with your wine.

Ask Wojabi

Chat with certified Wine Sommelier’s who are ready to answer any of your wine questions at anytime.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


The comradery that we get to build with people all over the country, it's great!"

Philadelphia, PA

It's nice to hang out with like-minded people. If you want to learn about wine and if you want to be a part of a community, I highly recommend Wojabi!"

Tampa, FL

It's been an overall amazing experience.... I'm fairly new to enjoying wine and it's delivered right to my door. I really enjoy Wojabi and I highly recommend it for everybody!"

Clearwater, FL

There are a lot of wine clubs out there, but none of them are like this one. You actually get to talk to the people who select your wine! And the wines have been amazing! You really do want to be a part of this."

Lebanon, TN

I never knew that much about the wines that I was drinking and now I get wines monthly to my house! And all the wines Wojabi has sent to us monthly have been super delicious. I love everyone who is in the group and we learn so much about wine together. Wojabi, I love it and so will you!"

Norfolk, VA

It really makes it simple and easy when you receive a shipment of wine to your front door with an explanation of exactly what the wine is, where it’s from, who the producer is…. I’ve never seen any other company that does it like this to make it really feel inclusive… "

Fort Wayne, IN

We have the most fun; I feel like these people are actually my friends! I’ve been apart of many wine clubs and they just deliver your wines then you don’t hear from them again until the next delivery. At Wojabi, we just have the best time! "

Lakeland, FL