About Wojabi


The Wojabi Mission

We are determined to remove the enigma that is normally associated with wine.

When you’re ready to experience great wine, that’s exactly what you should get—not a process where you grab a bottle and cross your fingers, hoping that the wine inside the bottle tastes as good as the label looks.

Our experts source the best wines from different regions around the world, then have them shipped right to your doorstep.

The Wojabi wine selection services are designed to eliminate your need to guess when it comes to wine!  We provide you with access to experts so that you can lean on their knowledge of wine instead.



Wojabi is a community of wine lovers who are just like you! And together, we all receive some of the world’s best wines each month, while also learning more about each wine.


When you join the journey, you’ll also find things inside your shipment to help you learn more about your wines, including:

Wine tasting notes telling you what country the wine came from, the flavors and aromas to expect and which foods pair the best with the wine.

QR codes you can scan with the camera on your smartphone to watch videos of our Wine Sommelier explaining all the details you need to enjoy that wine.

Join the rest of the Wojabi community with your questions on our virtual wine tasting broadcasts as we discuss all the details about this month’s chosen wines.

We are committed to simplifying wine for you!