Boost Your Swag With Wine Knowledge

Perception is often a reality! And there is no denying that a discussion around wine comes with a certain level of “swag” that causes everyone around you to stop and take notice.

It’s an instant magnet.

Picture yourself at dinner sharing the characteristics of wines from different regions. Or, imagine yourself talking about the wine’s acidity or tannin. In that moment, you instantly become the cool guy or gal in the room! And your friends and family will wonder what else you have under your belt. Ha!

Let’s say you become a box full of surprises.

As social beings, it’s normal to want to fit in and also stand out. We often want to show up, engage and build long-lasting relationships. But deciphering the best way to approach the interactions can be a challenging task.


Well, the good thing is that wine knowledge can actually boost your efforts. It’s a social event that usually brings people together. Therefore, when going to social benefits, don’t be afraid to share your wine knowledge with others.

Ask questions and share the bits and pieces that you do know, because after all, you don’t need to be a wine expert to talk about wine.


With your ability to hold the slightest conversation, it changes people’s perception of you.
So start by expanding your wine purchases and tasting as many different wines as you can. Or even better, sign up for our bi-weekly Zoom Wine Tastings, and connect with fellow wine lovers.

On one of our previous Zoom Wine Tastings here at Wojabi, we learned how wines from California carry a buttery characteristic.

When you mention that tidbit at dinner, guess who is now perceived in a completely different light? YOU!

Enjoy the spotlight, because heads will now begin turning towards you.

But keep in mind that talking about wine should be about service, not about showing off. Despite someone’s best intentions, we all know it’s easy to sound pretentious when talking about wine – it’s a very fine line. So try not to act like a snob impressing others and inflating your knowledge.

Remember, your path to boosting your social interactions is just a decision away. There is truly a whole new spectrum of conversations and connections that you are exposed to when learning about wine. Why not boost your social status while at it?