Our Sommelier’s Go-To Summer Wines

When summer hits, everything around us is whispering to go outdoors. It’s our golden ticket to all things relaxation, festivities, and, of course, light, refreshing wines.

Summer is also often known as the rosé season. Rosés are light and crisp in nature, making them perfect for those hot summer days by the pool or beach.

And because everyone deserves to indulge in delicious wine during this hot season, we asked our in-house sommelier, Briana Pope-Pettis, to share her favorite summer wines.

Briana came across these wines thanks to her adventurous spirit and constant desire to try new wines, perfectly embodying Wojabi’s personality of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Often our own limitations inhibit us from exploring what else is out there.

So, if you’re interested in expanding your summer wine rotation, here’s a wonderful curation from Briana.

2020 Fond Cypres Premier Jus – $22
This wine is a lovely blend of Carignan and Garnacha, both Spanish red wine grape varieties. It is best described as the middle point of a light chillable red and a deep rosé that perfectly pairs up with a bowl of fresh berries and melon. You can also enjoy it at the beginning of a BBQ.

2020 Ercole Barbera – $16.99
It’s an everyday Italian red with flavors of fresh red and black fruits. This wine has a juicy acidity and a hint of earthy ‘oakyness,’ making it slightly more serious and the perfect low-key pizza wine.

2019 Leirana Albariño – $29.99
Bright and citrusy on the nose, this wine includes notes of Meyer lemon, honeysuckle, quinine, and mineral scents. You can easily pair it with your next seafood meal.

It’s worth noting that Briana recommends each of these wines be stored comfortably in the fridge. But she recommends taking out the reds 10 -15 minutes before serving so that they aren’t too cold.

Cheers to discovering new wines!